• You’ve spent days mixing your track.

    Making sure everything is perfect. But no matter how hard you work, you can’t get that “final polish” of commercial music. And when you’re ready to let it go out into a world filled with millions of songs, you want it to have the best chance of standing out.​

  • Bandulu Dub Mastering Rates:

    1 track: 30€
    2-4 tracks: 25€ per track
    5 or more tracks: 20€ per track

    Preparing your song(s)

    To prepare for our comprehensive Mastering, it is very important that what you deliver to us is in the appropriate specifications for our engineer to properly finish your project:


    - 44.1k/32bit Stereo WAV or AIFF
    - 6dB of headroom on the master bus
    - No compression or limiting on the master bus

    Whats included:

    - Consultation and advice
    - Noise reduction
    - Stereo enhancement
    - EQ
    - Compression
    - Loudness
    - Sequencing and spacing

    Methods of payments:

    - PayPal





    We will work on your project and you’ll receive it within 5-7 days